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Hand in Hand Preschool


St. John Lutheran Early Childhood Center


A Ministry of St. John Lutheran Church

221 W. James Blvd

St. James, MO 65559


Enrolling children 1 to 5 years old

The center is open Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Phone:  (573) 265-4673



Anna Walls, Site Director




Each child is a precious gift from God.  We seek to provide a safe, warm, and loving Christ-centered environment for children to grow and flourish.  We teach Bible principles and stories, number readiness, language development, and social interaction skills. We also undertake to form in children visual, auditory, memory, and motor skills.  Our staff, program, and routines address all of these needs at an appropriate developmental level.


We walk hand-in-hand with parents to provide the highest quality educational programs for each individual child.  We partner with families in showing love and care for children and in helping them to experience God’s love.




We support parents in the care of their children so that these little ones may grow in the following areas:


  • Spiritually – by the daily sharing of Bible stories where they learn of God’s great love for them.

  • Physically – by learning to care for their bodies and to use them in a healthy and safe way.

  • Intellectually – by learning to use their mental abilities to their fullest potential and to acquire pre-kindergarten skills.

  • Socially – by learning to love themselves and their neighbors and to be able to express that love in all interactions.

  • Emotionally – by learning to understand and control their emotions by trusting God.




  • Staff who are committed Christians and thoroughly trained

  • Background checks are done on all caregivers

  • Fenced in outdoor play yard

  • Nutritious breakfast, snack, and lunch at no extra cost


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