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St. John Lutheran Church

St. James, Missouri


10:30 a.m. Sundays

1:00 p.m.   Wednesdays in Advent and Lent

7:00 p.m.   Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve



Education for Children and Youth

Sunday School                                      9:30 a.m.  Sunday

Junior Confirmation  Instruction     3:45 p.m.  Wednesday (2nd & 4th)




Church-wide Potluck Dinner             12:00 noon Sunday (final of the month)

Special Events                                       (Dates are announced)




St. John Choir                                        5:30 p.m. Wednesday (October-March)             



Christian Education Studies

Adult Bible Study                                  9:15 a.m. Sunday

Faith Topics                                           1:00 p.m. Wednesday (2nd & 4th of the month)

Behind the Scriptures                          10:30 a.m. Tuesday (2nd & 4th of the month)

Christian Book Club                             12:30 p.m. Thursday (3rd of the month)



Social and Service Organizations

Ladies Aid Auxiliary                            1:00 p.m. Tuesday (3rd of the month)

Leisure Lutherans                                12:00 noon Wednesday (3rd of the month)

                                                                Special outings and events TBA



Youth (grades 7-12)

Youth Activity Night                           6:00-7:30 p.m. designated Sundays



Servant Opportunities

Prayer Chain                                               

Preschool Pals

Caring Center

Seminary Food Bank

Altar Guild



For information about any of these events, contact Pastor Peter.

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